Common myths and other misinformation DEBUNKED


Not all socialization is good socialization!

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Not all dogs are a good fit for each other. Some dogs are too pushy, too nervous, too hyper or not a good communicator. This can be worse than lack of socialization and can cause traumatic experiences.

Not all people are a good influence on our pups behaviors. Letting our dogs break the rules and use bad manners with some people, is setting them back on your efforts to create healthy boundaries and also causes major confusion and frustration for your dog. Choose guests and interactions wisely while your pup is still learning the basics of good manners.

Not all places are a good environment for all dogs, not all dogs enjoy being out at the places we take them to. Some dogs don't do well emotionally in loud, crowded, fast-paced, busy, strange or new environments. Most dogs become over-whelmed, but it takes a trained eye to notice how their physical body is trying to communicate how stressed they are and often, pet parent misread or don't even notice these signs.

"Socialization" and what is really means:

Dogs of ALL ages need regular, positive and structured intentional social interactions with dogs, people and other animals they encounter, as well as environments, places, smells, sights, sounds and other things we don't tend to think about in our dog's world. 

Socialization is an ongoing skill that we help to guide our dogs toward helpful social situations throughout their entire life that will build their positive social "resume."

These DO NOT count toward meeting our dogs social needs:

*An occasional walk around the neighborhood

*Having met a few dogs as a puppy, or being around a few dogs here and there

*Having gone to the dog or people park a few times
*Your dog getting along well with your household members or the occasional guest but hasn't really gone too many places or met too many strangers during it's life
*Your dog gets along fine with you other dog but "doesn't like" other dogs or who hasn't met too many other dogs
*Your dog goes on the occasional car ride
*You used to go places with your dog but not that much any more
*They sniff the dogs through the fence next door
*They watch out the window
*They go to the groomers, vet or boarding every now and then