Beginner 101 Puppy Class
Beginner 101 Puppy Class

This is an informative and extensive starting point for all dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds, and skill levels. We will have fun and learn new skills, while also working on basic social skills and manners.

We will meet for 1-hour sessions for 6 consecutive weeks. 

This is an introductory level course, so we will not expect that our dogs will master each skill at this level of training.

Things we will cover are:

*Agility games
*Leash manners
*Potty and Kennel Training
*Biting, chewing, jumping, and barking
*Socialization with dogs and people
*And more

All dogs benefit from this course and are prepared to move on to the AKC Star Puppy course, Intermediate Course, AKC CGC Course, Agility, Therapy dog, or other ventures after building these skills and the confidence that comes with it

Intermediate Group Class
Intermediate Group Class

After graduating from our Beginner Group Course, you are eligible to join our Intermediate courses! We will have fun and learn new skills, while also reinforcing the cues we want to keep improving like impulse control, come, heel, off-leash manners, tricks, and mental growth.

This class meets for 1-hour sessions for 4 consecutive weeks.

We have higher expectations for our pups and set and meet our training goals!

Things we will cover are:

*Watch me
*Ready, set, go!
*Agility games
*Down/stay advanced
*Park it
*Come advanced
*Heel advanced
*Red light, Greenlight!
*Take a bow and other tricks
*Cue drills to improve responsiveness

AKC STAR Puppy Group Class
AKC STAR Puppy Group Class

Teach your puppy to be a STAR with this 4-week class featuring the AKC 20 Steps to Success to get your puppy AKC STAR Puppy Certified! !

We will meet for 1-hour sessions for 4-consecutive weeks.

Requires my Beginner Group Class to be completed prior to or along with this Course.

Covering all 20 of the S.T.A.R 20 Steps to Success Including:

*Cues- Sit, down, stay, come, leash manners, drop it.
*Behaviors- Grooming, Distractions
*Socialization is another important aspect of the success steps that we will cover!
*Fun obstacles and exercises!

What's next after this course?

Intermediate Group Class. AKC CGC Prep and Testing, Therapy Dog Training, Obstacle Fun Classes, and more!

Canine Good Citizen Group Class
Canine Good Citizen Group Class

Once passed, your pup will join the ranks of the elite canine companions who had what it takes to succeed and set a good example for others. 

We will meet for 1-hour sessions for 4 consecutive weeks.

Key aspects:

**Must be able to pass a basic obedience test or complete one of my 6-week basic obedience intro courses
*Open to dogs over 1 year of age, of all breeds, sizes, and backgrounds
*Responsible ownership pledge
*10 skill training program
*Basics of good manners and obedience
*Prepare for sports or therapy dog training

Some insurance and rental companies prefer and offer discounts to owners who can provide their CGC test certificate!

Agility Fun!
Agility Fun!

For all ages! We tailor the difficulty to your pups age, size, and other limitations :)

Start your dog in this fun and exciting canine activity! Great for channeling energy, getting exercise, and exploring new obstacles. These courses are also great for building confidence, strength, and learning better teamwork for our pups.

These 30-minute sessions will get your dog used to the various basic agility equipment and begin to learn to interact with them with your direction.

These are recurring sessions. You can come to just one, or a few!

Pass basic obedience test or mini test course, solid recall (come cue) with distractions, sit, down, and place.

What do we learn about?

*Verbal cues to communicate with our dogs such as over, under, tunnel, balance, left/right, stop.
*Learning the basics of jumps, seesaw, dog walk, A-frame, tunnels, tire jumps, weave poles, place, and others.
*This is an entry-level learning course for fun, not intended to prepare your dog for an official competition

Doggie Social
Doggie Social


I encourage all of my pup students who need or want some extra socialization to come hang out! 

Available to my existing training clients who have learned the proper greeting technique and are ready for face-to-face interactions. You can come join us after each beginner group class and hang out for a few, letting dogs sniff and walk around with each other and play while practicing good social manners with the dogs and the people! 

No cost to existing clients.