Brachycephalic (short-nosed) breeds: Their cuteness, health concerns and other tid bits!


These cute and squishy balls of love are adorable and happy and full of life!

Most I've ever met have been the happiest, butt-waggiest and sweetest chunks, despite all of their genetic misfortune!

Most are wonderful family pets and some love to do cool stuff like skateboarding, surfing and even agility!

Among the many unique and adorable characteristics of these squishy butter balls, are some less desirable and even concerning things to know before you bring a short nosed pup into your life.

Common health issues include:

Respiratory infections and breathing problems: Some of these guys can't barely breathe at all, even during normal activities. This is due to their extra, loose and compacted anatomy. Their nares (nostrils) are usually clamped down too small, their soft palate in the back of their throat is usually too long and gets in the way of the air flow, that's the "snoring" and loud breathing noises you hear. They can have difficuty

Low heat and exercise tolerance

Reproductive complications 

Facial and dental malformations such as an underbite or overbite

Skin issues and infections

Anatomical orthopedic and joint issues: Arthritis, trouble getting around, bone deformity

Insurance companies don't like to cover these breeds