Personal In-Person & Virtual Training

In-Person Private Training
In-Person Private Training

This type of session allows clients who prefer to have one-on-one attention and personalized instruction to do so from the comfort of their own home.

This option is available for all but is best for dogs who aren't old enough to go outdoors where other dogs are yet, or may have some aggression or reactivity or fear issues, and aren't ready for a group class in our public setting yet.

This option is great for:

*Leash reactivity, pulling, and learning to get used to the leash/collar and walks.
*As an added boost of individualized training instruction to go along with a group or other class
*Molding difficult or challenging behaviors
*To expedite the training process as part of a bigger training plan
*If you'd prefer to not be in a group setting
*If your pup is nervous, aggressive, or if either of you is not quite ready for a group training environment.
*If you prefer hands-on, one-on-one training instruction
*If you have a disability and need additional assistance
*For any reason at all!

Virtual (Zoom) Private Training
Virtual (Zoom) Private Training

Yes, it is effective! I am experienced in video coaching! This offers a convenient and easy option for those who choose to train from home, or even do a few at-home training sessions to complement the group or other training classes!

Virtual training is great for:

*Nervous dogs or owners
*People with disabilities or who choose not to leave their home
*While traveling or just plain busy!
*Convenient and frequent access to me, when working through difficult behavioral situations.
*No need to clean your house or even get dressed! *Clothes are still required though ;)
*You can have the whole household involved without dragging them out of the house
*You can complete an entire 6-week obedience course from your living room!
*It's more affordable than in-person private training sessions

Training Walks
Training Walks

These 30-minute private sessions are specifically for clients whose dogs are working on leash pulling, reactivity, heel, or other leash manners.

I work one-on-one with you and your dog in distracting or challenging outdoor or indoor situations.

We aim to get you both feeling confident and able to handle your dog on walks or how to manage and improve difficult or intense moments, as we work to decrease reactivity and rehabilitate your dog's reactions to stimuli and triggers. We encourage good leash manners, heel, and over-all impulse control when on a leash.

We learn exercises and protocols to implement that will give you the tools and confidence necessary to handle, or quickly avoid these scenarios.

Usually, clients benefit most from 4-8 of these sessions over a 1-4 month timeframe. But you can sign up for as few or as many as you'd like, meeting more than once a week is often helpful for most clients.

We can do them one-on-one or in small groups.


*Ask me about my multi-session discounts!

Take & Train
Take & Train

A convenient and easy option to get your pup some extra training and exercise at the same time! (All while you get to take a break from puppy duty) 

I come to you, take your dog for either a 1-hour walk and train session. They come back having practiced or learned new skills and gotten some physical and mental exercise so hopefully, it will be nap time! 

This is great for all dogs for any day, time, or reason. But is also extra helpful for pups learning leash manners and heel, dogs who need some social skills, or pups with lots of energy that needs some redirecting! 

This private training service pairs well with group classes or special classes, as well as part of any training program.

Aggression Cases
Aggression Cases

We will evaluate your pup's behaviors via in-person or virtual consult. I will asses the prognosis and we will discuss the steps necessary to address aggressive behaviors.

From there, we will get started on the first steps and determine a customized plan for your pup.

Sometimes virtual sessions are the best or only option for dogs that I feel may not be ready for me to come to your home, likely due to a history of biting or aggression that will require more management and safety steps to be taken prior to my arrival. Some dogs may even regress if stressed with the presence of people so it will be determined by me on a case-by-case basis.

Potty Training 101
Potty Training 101

This 1-hour live virtual course covers everything you need to know to set your dog and your home up for potty training success.

This class can help you get prepared for a new puppy to be brought home, you'll have a customized plan set in motion to maximize your success and fast-track the potty training process.

Great for ALL ages, breeds, sizes, and potty issues. 

You will learn:
1) What steps to follow to send a clear message to your dog about when and where you'd like them to go potty.
2) How to handle accidents.
3) How to communicate to your pup, when and where is the right place to go potty.
4) Teach your pup how to "hold it".
5) Help alleviate confusion about pottying inside vs outside.
6) How to properly clean potty accident spots so our pups won't be tempted to go there again. 7) Learn about how to help our pups not have accidents in the house when we leave them home alone.
8) Specific issues like excited urination, incontinence, marking, and others.
9) Tools and items you need for maximum success.
10) Potty pads- proper versus problematic use. 

*Ask me about my multi-session discounts!