Success Plans!

I specialize in setting your puppy or adult dog up for maximum success! I offer exclusive plans for dogs of all ages which offer extensive training and behavior management built into each plan!

Puppy Success Plans- Starting as young as 8 weeks old up to 1-year-old!

Companion Success Plans- From 1 year old and up (no dog is "too old" as long as they're in good health)!

*These are custom-tailored training plans that aim to focus on you and your dog's specific needs, motivations, and training goals.

These plans include all beginner obedience cues like sit, stay, come, and loose leash manners. There will be socialization opportunities and education and we will discuss in-depth behavior management for things like biting, barking, jumping, potty, and crate training. We will work on general impulse control and energy management to help them learn to focus on and pay attention to you and your requests! If we run into more serious behavior issues, we may need to take a step back and prioritize those issues, then we can get back on track!

There is also the AKC STAR Puppy plan and the AKC CGC plan, where you put those skills we learn to the test (and learn the 20 steps to success or all CGC skills, depending upon their age) and get your AKC STAR Puppy or  AKC CGC Certificate, setting your puppy or adult dog up for maximum success, and higher levels of training.

These plans are a great start for all breeds, ages, and sizes of dogs. 

Offered as a combination of group and private, in-person, and virtual sessions.

You choose how far you want to go beyond these plans! Therapy Dog, Canine Good Citizen, Community Canine, Agility, Advanced Obedience, and beyond!